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Wall Love 4L

Wall Love 4L


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Eco approved, zero voc and safe.
Wall love will assist you in creating a high end luxe finish on your interior
walls. 100% acrylic coating, It is ultra stain-resistant, washable and
specifically formulated to minimise the time and work required to ensure
maximum, easy-care coverage in fashionable living spaces.
Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer,
using an upward action.
Brush/Roller: Apply product using a 75 mm–100 mm brush, or medium
or long nap roller.
Airless/Conventional Spray: Suitable for application using all standard
spray equipment. Up to 10% of water may be added to aid atomisation.
Approximate Spreading Rate: 13 square metres per litre, depending
on application technique and surface roughness.
Approximate Film Thickness per coat: Wet: 150 Microns; Dry: 25 Microns.
Requires: 2 coats.
Thinner: Water, 10% if required.
Method: Brush, roller or airless/conventional spray equipment.
Drying Times (at 25 °C): Touch: 30 Minutes; Recoat: 4 Hours.
Note: Do not apply paint if the air temperature or substrate temperature
 is below 10 °C or above 35 °C.
The temperature should not fall
below 10 °C during the drying process.
Clean-up: Water.
Safety: Dust Mask.
Gloss Level: 5%–10% at a 60° viewing angle.
Safety and Environmental Care
Personal Protection: Wear eye protection and dust mask when spraying,
as splashes may cause eye irritation and inhalation of spray
mist may cause respiratory irritation.
Asbestos cement sheeting: Do not disturb, sand or scrub, and avoid
any peripheral dust. If you do not have professional expertise in
the handling/removal of asbestos sheeting, use a licensed removalist.
Refer to product labels,
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