Rusted packs- Contains 3 x 250ml products. Base, activator, sealer


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Rusted packs- Contains 3 x 250ml products. Base, activator, sealer

Our Rusted system is a 3 part system. A cast iron paint to recreate the look of cast iron(step 1),

Aactivator to create rust (step 2)

A sealant to stop your piece from rusting further  (Flat sealer)


To create a rusted effect, you require Step 1 and Step 2. Sealing your piece is optional, and really does depend if you would like to stop the rusting process. Keep in mind you are creating 'real" rust and as such it is best to seal your item if it will be an inside piece or if it is in the weather consider rust stains.


STEP 1:  Stir contents well before and during use. Apply two coats with a roller or brush. (You can use our Liquid Carbon underneath as an undercoat if you are wanting 100% full black coverage).

allowing 4–6 hours drying time between coats. When second coat is just touch-dry, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: Stir contents well before and during use. Apply one coat of Rusted Activator .  After thirty minutes spray water over surface, but do not over-spray. Keep the surface moist for a minimum of two  hours. You may continue to spray water until satisfied with the effect, for up to four days. Once the desired finish is  achieved and is completely dry, apply one coat of STEP 3 (flat sealer) to prevent further oxidation effects.

Approximate coverage rate:

Rusted cast iron paint(step 1) - 3-4 square metres per litre

Rusted Activator(step 2) - 9-10 metres per litre

Rusted Sealer(step 3) -: 6–10 square metres per litre, depending on application technique and surface roughness.

You will Also find individual products listed in our

Faux finish Metals, Patina and Rusted listing. As a pack they are a little cheaper.

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