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Flat Sealer


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L'essentiel Botanics Flat Sealer is an ultra-flat matter top coat, giving an invisible finish over your painted or timber finish. This finish is tint-able using a drop or two of L'essentiel Botanics furniture paint. If you prefer the waxed look but want the durability this product is for you, simply apply a coat of the flat sealer first then wax as you normally would. L'essentiel Botanics Flat Sealer is the perfect product for sealing Botanics furniture paint, our “Rusted” system and many more applications.

The coverage for 1 Litre is 6–10 square metres depending on application technique and surface roughness.

Apply L'essentiel Botanics Flat Sealer by either brushing, spraying or wiping on with a damp lint-free cloth or sponge.