A little chat with Tamie from Blessed Vintage one of our retailers just south of Brisbane.

Anthony Mills

Name of your business?
Blessed Vintage

How long have been painting furniture?
About 10 years

What inspired you to paint and relove furniture?
I used to renovate and flip houses then I started doing furniture as a creativity thing as well.  I love making something ugly full of life again.

Do you have a particular style you paint in?
I love Shabby Chic and farmhouse 💗

What has been your biggest painting disaster to date?
I quickly learnt at the beginning about using cheap paint and polyurethane.  I spent a couple of days painting some bedside tables white.  They looked great for about four days then the polyurethane turned them cream.  I learnt to look for the right paint and about polyurethane!

Why did you decide to stock L'essentiel?
Very simple,  I wanted Aussie made, good quality and something economical.  I also wanted a company that didn’t have huge requirements for stockists -  L’essentiel ticked all these boxes.

What is your biggest paint tip you are willing to share with our readers?
I would say just do it.  Beginners can sometimes think they’re not creative enough to do it.  I believe most of us have creativity in us, we just need to unlock it and cultivate it.  The other tip would be colour choice.  Some agonise over this.  Stick with your first choice.  If you’re still unsure, leave it for a while and keep looking at it and you’ll get a feel for the colour.  Colour definitely makes a piece and if you do stuff it up, just paint it ... it’s never really wrecked.


If you would like to shop with Tamie, or take one of her many workshops on offer, you can find all of the info here

A few photos of Blessed Vintage favourite pieces she shared with us.


Thank you for sharing with us Tamie.


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