A little about our retailer "Outdated made modern". Lisa is L'essentiel's Queen of Whites.

Anthony Mills

We asked our retailer Lisa in Wallan, Victoria a few questions, this is what she had to say.

Name of your business?

Outdated made modern. 
How long have been painting furniture? 
I started painting furniture in January 2018. 
What inspired you to paint and relove furniture?
I was watching a tv show and someone was painting furniture. So I decided to give it ago and see if I could turn it into a business.   
Do you have a particular style you paint in?
Farm house would be my style. But would you believe everything in my home is all antiques. 
What has been your biggest painting disaster to date? 
I haven't had one but I don't  think my cat,Sprinkles , enjoyed being painted.  She escaped from the house while I was painting and I had to get her before she went  onto the road. I forgot to put my brush down before I grabbed her. Haha! 
Why did you decide to stock L'essentiel?
I had tried another brand of mineral paint and I didn't like the plastic feel it gave. L'essentiel announced that it was bringing out a new paint. It was their Ultimate finish mineral paint and they said it was self priming, sealing and best of all no waxing. I couldn't wait to give it ago.  Ordered some as soon as it was released and fell in love with it. It's goes on like a dream, and the coverage is brilliant.  
Then I read up on their products  and I love everything they stand for. It's water based, hand made and poured, zero voc and eco friendly and Australian made.  Their waxes are simply brilliant  and smell Devine. You seriously can't go wrong by using L'essentiel products. 
What is your biggest paint tip you are willing to share with our readers? 
I paint a lot of white and It can be difficult to paint with. So my tip is, don't over work the area you are painting. Do long strokes  where you can to minimize brush strokes and use a good brush. Choose the size of the brush for the area you are painting . If you are painting a long , wide area use a wide brush.  Don't be too hard on yourself,  unless you are using a spray gun it won't be perfect.  
Thank you so much Lisa for allowing us to do blog about your business!
You will find Outdated made modern's online store here:
Feel free to send Lisa an email or message for her expert advice on using "whites"

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