A chat with Tania from Not quite new vintage in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.

Anthony Mills

We had a chat with Tania from Not quite new vintage in the beautiful Latrobe Valley in Country Victoria.

Name of your business?
Not Quite New Vintage 
How long have been painting furniture?
For around 15 years off and on.
What inspired you to paint and relove furniture?
I started out painting furniture to decorate my own home as I couldn't afford new furniture
Do you have a particular style you paint in?
I don't have a particular style, I pretty much just paint to the style of the piece that's in front of me. 
The furniture will dictate what it needs. 
What has been your biggest painting disaster to date?
I haven't had any real disasters, I have painted pieces that I don't like very much though. If you don't like it just repaint, it's that simple really. 
Why did you decide to stock L'essentiel?
Quite simply because it's Australian made, I am a big believer in supporting our Aussie businesses. 
I also love the fact that they are eco approved and so simple to use. I am a very tactile person and the overall finish of these products feels beautiful. Dealing with a small family run business like L'essentiel is a bonus for me also as I like the personal touch you get that you can't get from big business. 
What is your biggest paint tip you are willing to share with our readers?
Don't over prep you don't need to sand everything 
back to bare our paints are designed to stick, if you sand too much you are quite often opening up a whole new can of worms. 
You can find Tania's online store and products here
Just a few pics of Tania's reloves.
Not quite new vintage will have their workshop and class dates available soon.

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